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Discover how to create wealth doing your soul’s work

Making money IS spiritual

The world is waiting for your gifts

Discover how to create wealth doing your soul’s work

We need you. The World needs you. Stop hiding your gifts.

Click here to listen to the interview.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned on my spiritual journey, it’s that cash and consciousness aren’t mutually exclusive. In fact, earning real, sustainable money from my soul’s work not only brings me true joy, it also allows me to make a bigger positive difference in the world, which is my deepest motivation.

Money is not the purpose. Purpose is the purpose, and money is a wonderful tool that allows our highest visions to be realized in the biggest way possible!

However, this is something that I had to learn, because I used to think quite the opposite.

I have been receiving money for my soul work since I was 25.

What shifted things for me was after my initiation and spiritual awakening and 15 years of intensive study, I realised that spiritual work was as important (if not more important) than normal work, so why aren’t teachers and guides not paid for their time or valued as much as other experts. It was just a matter of self belief and self value.

That realisation allowed me to get paid and build my confidence over time.

You are being called to go beyond your academic training and integrate all that you have learnt into creating a deep spiritual life and that includes your work, your paid work.

You are a professional, you are an expert, you just haven’t been acting like it.

Charging money for your soul work becomes a soul reclamation. It asks you to become an expert in your field of excellence and heal the world one client at a time.

Maybe you too have done your own healing work and have your Reiki, bodywork, or coaching certification in hand, ready to transition from student to practitioner + contribute your sacred gifts to the world.


  • You secretly believe your gifts don’t have real value and aren’t worth paying for.

  • You’re uncertain what your gifts even are or how to tie all your experiences and certifications together into your offering to the world.

  • You’re unsure if it is ok to ask for money. It doesn’t seem spiritual to become wealthy using your gifts.

  • You don’t know how to get started + lack the confidence to start offering your gifts.

I often see this make women over-give which leaves them feeling burnt out and resentful. As you can imagine, that makes it hard to SUSTAIN offering their gifts to the world!

What would it look like if female healers, creatives, therapists, and coaches open-heartedly received wealth in exchange for the contributions they were making?

My friend Toni-Anne Campbell, a powerful Spiritual Success Coach with 15 years as a practicing psychologist, believes it all begins with you identifying the sacred gifts you have to give and what your soul’s purpose is... and then allowing yourself to receive money and wealth from work that uses those gifts and aligns with that purpose.

That’s why Toni-Anne created the no-cost interview series The Spiritual Success Revolution: How to Create Massive Wealth Through Activation of Your Sacred Gifts and Soul Mission.

I worked with Toni-Anne on her last two online summits. From the moment I met Toni-Anne, I knew Toni-Anne is one of the most insightful spiritual leaders I know. When Toni-Anne reached out to me, again, I jumped at the chance to work with her again.

If you love transformation in sisterhood and are ready to be inspired that this is TOTALLY possible for you too, I’d love to invite you to join us for this no-cost series.

By the end of this series (starting September 16th PST), you’ll walk away with…

  • Practical strategies for wealth creation and a freedom-filled lifestyle to implement straight away

  • Stories of how they did it without losing their spiritual side and connection with source

  • The tools to change your money story and make a sustainable contribution for years to come

  • Perspective shifts and simplified concepts around money + spirituality that will change your life forever

Your gifts are profoundly important, and the world is waiting for them. I hope to see you in there!

Katrena Friel

Deep & Meaningful

Life Purpose Development for your Body, Ming & Soul

P.S. Learn how to activate your sacred gifts and soul mission so you can create massive wealth (and use it to make the world a better place).

Click here to listen to the interview.

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