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Your Special Invitation

Your Special Invitation to attend Deep & Meaningful Life Purpose Development for your Body, Mind & Soul ONE DAY WORKSHOP

For further information about other dates available in regional Australia please contact directly via email or mobile.

"really interesting & profoundly deep"

This workshop gives you the opportunity to immerse yourself in yourself. Teaching you about your path, with the aim to discover through your own experience what your life purpose means to your evolution.

This intense one day interactive program will equip you with the ability to uncover your life purpose and live an enriched life.

The program uses a variety of tools and techniques to develop an understanding of your life purpose. It incorporates:

  • Your Blueprint for your Soul

  • Your Blueprint for this Lifetime

  • Personal Transformation Tools

  • Principles for your own Personal Renaissance

  • Master Mind Map of your Life

  • Creative Dreamwork

  • Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity

  • Life Plan Development.

The program will improve your understanding of yourself and your soul's journey to ensure you reach your full potential.

  • Understand what is your life purpose and destiny?

  • Being aware of yourself and how others perceive you.

  • Understanding your barriers.

  • Adapting yourself to that of others and different situations.

  • Understand the Process of Life.

  • The characteristics of a good life for you.

  • Defining where you are now and what is your next step

  • Where do you want to be?

  • Your principles of success.

  • Preparation and structure for your Lessons & Opportunities.

  • Identifying the emotional forces that influence your process.

  • Build an effective Life Purpose Plan.

  • Identifying your key messages and themes.

  • Practicing techniques to feel more confident in dealing with others.

For further information email or contact Katrena on 0412 537 053.

I look forward to welcoming you to this wonderous, spiritual, DEEP & MEANINGFUL experience.

Love, Light & Magic Katrena

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